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‹[…] imperceptibly impelled by the wakening of the thinking principle — within us — we […] get into the Chamber of Maiden-Thought … intoxicated with the light and the atmosphere, we see nothing but pleasant wonders, and think of nothing but delaying there for ever in delight […] this Chamber of Maiden-Thought becomes gradually darkn’ed and at the same times on all sides of it many doors are set open — but all dark — all leading to dark passages — We see not the balance of good and evil. We are in a Mist — We are now in that state  — We feel «the burden of the Mystery»› (Keats, brief aan Reynolds, 1818).

Franckx, Christine

Tijdschrift voor Psychoanalyse & haar Toepassingen


Bespreking van Meg Harris Williams & Margot Waddell (2013). The Chamber of Maiden-Thought — Literary origins of the psychoanalytic model of the mind. Hove/New York: Routledge (oorspronkelijke uitgave: 1991). ISBN 978 0 415 83885 6 (Hbk), 217 pp., £ 70,00

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