De psychische ruimte. Hoe de pandemie psychoanalytici ana het denken zette.

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The psychic space — How the pandemic crisis make reflect psychoanalysis about this subject

This article considers some figures of psychic space as observed during the early experiences of the pandemic crisis. This psychoanalytic concept refers to the field of intrapsychic truth and inter-subjective encounter within the analytic setting. It is linked to the trend that has begun with more remote working and the effects this evolution has exerted on psychic space. While the pandemic is seen as a caricatured amplifier of a general crisis situation, it is also seen as an opportunity and a crucial challenge for psychoanalysis to reinvent itself and become a modern science and clinical method capable of meeting contemporary psychic needs.

Christine Franckx

Tijdschrift voor Psychoanalyse en Toepassingen